Keeping in mind our Mission, “To Give Value to Members” the following Functional Committees have been formed under the supervision of the Board of Directors.  



The Membership Committee is responsible for developing the plan and strategy for the membership growth and retention. The Committee will promote the Association by identifying needs of the members through surveys, members’ feedback and other means. The committee will also work together with other functional committees to increase participation in the conference, workshop and other events of the association. Plan out strategies to give more value to the members and have active involvement of the members in the association activities.




The committee will promote the best practices in Mystery Shopping Industry by organizing workshops, seminars and webinars. This committee will promote and spread awareness in growing markets in the AP region. The core function of the committee is to educate the members in managing their business effectively and training the members’ management team and staffs in the fields like recruiting shoppers, handling International Clients and shoppers, best practice, use of Technology in Mystery Shopping, etc.




The Conference committee is responsible for planning and management of the Annual Conference as an effective networking event.  Committee will also is responsible for identification of the conference venue, speakers, sponsors, etc. Also assist in organising the optional events and sourcing vendors for the various conference activities.




The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a communication plan and strategy to increase the visibility of the Association and increasing networking among the members, clients and other professional associations. This committee will assist in managing social media and produce e-newsletters and other communication materials.




The Marketing Committee is responsible for planning and developing a strategy for marketing the Association and its events and programs such as conference, workshop, seminar, webinars and other events to achieve the desired goals and mission of the association. Spread awareness about the association and its activities utilising the Social media to make the Association more visible and effective for the members, clients and other stakeholders. The committee will work closely with the Communications committee.


We welcome all MSPA AP members to join these COMMITTEES and be a part of the growth of the MSPA Asia Pacific.

Please contact Anu Mehta to know about these committees and send in suggestions.